The Benefits and drawbacks of Laminated Glass

The benefits of laminated glass are:Security – Obviously, since laminated glass is harder to break than regular glass, it makes it more secure. This is most likely the reason that most people will choose to have laminated glass installed.Reduction in Sound – Regular glass allows a lot of sound to penetrate it. This isn’t so with laminated glass, it lets much less sound through, making your home or car a little more quieter from hearing all the outside rumbles.It’s Durable – Can’t really put it any other way, laminated glass lasts longer than regular glass.It adds Safety – If you have children in your neighborhood who play outside, the likelihood that you’ll end up with a broken window from a baseball being thrown at it is diminished.Added Protection from the elements – Because it’s stronger than regular glass, in the event of a hurricane or tornado, it is less likely to shatter and injure those people inside.

The drawbacks of laminated glass are:Expensive – laminated auto glass windows are lot more expensive than regular windows. The manufacturing process is more in depth, and the glass requires multiple layers of material, unlike regular glass. Depending on your income, there is a good possibility that if you need replacement windows, you will only be able to replace a couple at a time if you use laminated auto glass.Less manufacturers – There are much fewer companies who manufacture laminated auto glass than regular glass, so you might have a hard time finding the right company. You might actually have to wait several weeks, or even months before they can be made for you.